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Air Plant / Tillandsia - Ionantha Guatemala (Small)

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Ionantha Guatemala has a rounding shape when small and medium and become more cone-shaped when larger. The small plants are 1.5" wide or tall. Tillandsia Air plants are native to Central and South America. They use their trichomes on their leaves to absorb nutrients from the air. They have grabbers that look like roots to help them attach to trees, rocks & other plants. Air plants flower when they hit maturity and produce pups.Some air plants have leaves that change color. How to care for air plants - Indirect light - fresh airflow - mist every 2-3 days - weekly 20-30 minute baths, fully submerged - no soil - 50-90 deg F Make sure that your air plants are fully dry within 4 hours of watering/bathing.  Water & dry plants upside down so water does not get trapped in leaves.


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