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Ivy - Hedera helix 'Mint Kolibri' (ID#340) Hanging planter

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Mint Kolibri Ivy has curly leaves and a lovely white variegation. Ivy is one of the most common houseplants around. A classic favorite, it's been loved for generations because ivy is easy to grow as an indoor plant. It tolerates low light, inconsistent watering, and continues to grow. Water ivy when the top inch or so of the potting mix dries out. If you miss a watering or two and your ivy wilts, don't worry -- it should recover after you give it a splash of water. Take care not to overwater ivy. It's best to keep this houseplant a little too dry than a little too wet. You don't really need to fertilize ivy more than once or twice a year, but you can get it to grow lusher and faster with more frequent fertilization.


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