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Solomon's Seal - Variegated - 5 stems

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Variegated Solomon's Seal is an elegant woodlander with bright green foliage edged with white that lights up the shade garden. In May, white bell-shaped flowers appear in pairs, dangling underneath the gracefully arching stems like earrings. The flowers release a delicate, sweet fragrance which is said to be a cross between lilies and hyacinths. The flowers give way to bluish berries in summer and then in fall the foliage turns a lovely yellow. Easy to grow, hardy and beautiful...overall a great plant. Variegated Solomon's Seal reaches 18-24 inches tall and spreads (in a good way) by rhizomes to form small colonies. Part to full shade. It prefers moist, well-drained soil but is quite drought tolerant once established. AGM award winner. Combines nicely with a wide range of other shade lovers, including hostas, bleeding hearts, ferns and hellebores.


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