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Calling all scented plant lovers! How about a shrub with flowers that have a tropical pineapple-banana-strawberry fragrance? If that sounds intriguing, then Carolina Allspice is for you! Eventually growing to be a rounded shrub reaching 6 to 9 feet high, it has unusual, strap-like, maroon to reddish-brown flowers that emit a delightful spicy-sweet scent in the late afternoon and early evening when they're fully open. Blooms last for 3-4 weeks; the leaves are fragrant, too, and both can be used to make potpourris and sachets. In the fall, the leaves of Carolina Allspice turn golden yellow, adding a bright spot of color to your garden. Carolina Allspice is exceptionally easy to grow and may be planted in light shade to full sun, although full sun will allow for more blossoms. It's not picky about soil. It also tolerates strong winds, making it useful as a windbreak. Can be pruned or even sheered to control size.


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