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Leucothoe fontanesiana 'Silver Run' shrub - medium - REDUCED PRICE

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An exceptional variegated shrub, drooping leucothoe (pronounced loo-co'-thuh-way) with leaves that emerge a striking deep pink (see last photo of new growth on this plant). As they grow, the leaves reveal an intricate pattern of green, cream, and pink, eventually maturing to cream and green. White sprays of tiny, bell-shaped flowers (similar to Pieris/Andromeda) bloom in early spring. The glossy leaves are evergreen and held on flexible stems that gracefully arch over each other, forming a low mound. Foliage takes on a burgundy tint in fall. Quite elegant and unusual! A great shrub to brighten a shady corner. Makes good cut evergreen stems for winter season decorating. Low maintenance and drought tolerant once established. 2-3' tall and 3-4' wide or more. Part sun/full shade. If grown in more sun, keep moist. Prefers a site with some wind protection. Deer and rabbit resistant. Flowers attract pollinators and butterflies.


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