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Nicotiana - Starmaker mix (6 pack)

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Starmaker Mix Flowering Nicotiana is sure to become a favorite annual in your garden with its fragrant, star-shaped, trumpet flowers in a mix of colors that may include red, lime, white, rose, appleblossom pink, and rose/purple bicolor. Blooms from spring until frost and will attract both butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden. Great in borders, edges, containers, window boxes or anywhere you want a pop of color in the garden. Stunning planted en masse. Grows 12-14" tall, 10" wide. Full to part sun. This plant was generously donated by Dick's Market Garden and Greenhouses in Lunenburg. They have been a tremendous supporter of the Lancaster Garden Club for years. Check them out at https://www.dicksmarketgardens.com/ . Go visit them!!! they have amazing plants!


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