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Summer Snowflake - Leucojum aestivum

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An English native dating back to the mid-eighteenth century, Summer Snowflake makes an elegant addition to the late spring garden. Dangling from each stem are up to 8 white, nodding, bell-shaped flowers with little green dots on their tips. The effect is graceful and lovely. Plant extra so you can enjoy a few cut stems indoors in the spring – the flowers are softly chocolate scented! Easy to grow, Summer Snowflake blooms in late spring (not summer) and thrives in ordinary garden soil in sun to part shade. It also tolerates moist, clay soils fairly well. In the same plant family as daffodils, Leucojum sports similar strap-like leaves and offers the same deer, rabbit and rodent resistance. While it looks delicate, Leucojum aestivum is a strong, hardy and long lasting flower. It looks beautiful when grown among other spring flowering bulbs, or with a backdrop of ferns or hosta. It will return year after year, increasing to form impressive colonies over time. May/June. 12" to 15". 10 bulbs per bag


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