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Checkered Lily - Fritillaria meleagris mix

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Commonly known as The Guinea Hen Flower or The Checkered Lily, F. meleagris is an heirloom species dating back to 1575. It has pendant, bell-shaped, checkered and veined flowers that are either maroon or white with graceful, arching stems and grass-like foliage. Such an elaborate pattern on a flower! Not only pretty, Fritillaria is deer, rodent and rabbit resistant and naturalizes well so you'll have more each year. We love the way the maroon and white flowers look together, so we’re offering a combination of the two. You’ll get 8 bulbs total, 4 of Fritillaria meleagris (maroon) and 4 of Fritillaria meleagris ‘Alba’ (white), each separately bagged and labeled so you can choose how you want to plant them. Prefers light shade or dappled sun and can tolerate moist soils. April/May. Height: 10" to 12" $6 25 bags


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