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Narcissus 'Rainbow of Colors'

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Narcissus 'Rainbow of Colors' has a split cup that flares outward, giving this narcissus a showy, double-bloom appearance. For this reason it's also called a Butterfly Narcissus. This unusual form isn't the only thing that sets this daffodil apart, though. Against a background of pure white petals, the cup transforms from canary yellow to coral or salmon-pink over the course of its blooming period! When planted in a group, 'Rainbow of Colors' Daffodils often display all these hues at once. It's so fun to watch them change color over time! 'Rainbow of Colors' is an extra special variety that we think both the flower collector and novice gardener will love! It offers truly unique features and for those looking for something out of the ordinary they are the perfect choice. Great for pulling attention to your spring flower beds and containers. Jazz up your fresh cut flower bouquets by adding a few of these dazzling beauties! As hardy as they are pretty, N. 'Rainbow of Colors' is deer, rabbit and rodent resistant and very easy to grow. Plant narcissus this fall for years of gorgeous blooms. April 16” in height 8 bulbs to a bag


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