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Dazzling Duo Combination: Tulip 'Purple Dream' and Tulip 'Stunning Apricot'

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We don't usually sell bulb blends, but we found this one so striking that we couldn't resist! We absolutely adore the vibrant combination of Lily Flowering Tulip Purple Dream and Single Late Tulip Stunning Apricot. Both bloom in May, with Purple Dream opening a few days before Stunning Apricot. The colorful combination of glistening purple and bright apricot, and the form pairing of the gracefully recurved, lily-like flower and the classic, chalice-shaped bloom provides eye popping perfection. Terrific in the vase, too! Give this dazzling duo a try and watch it light up your spring garden. 10 bulbs total, 5 of each variety, individually bagged and labeled so you can plant them together or separately: 5 Tulip Purple Dream: Glistening, deep purple pointed petals with a blue flush and ivory-white base. 24” 5 Tulip Stunning Apricot: Deep coral-apricot, paler petal edges and a hint of warm raspberry glow. 28" May


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