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Its botanic name is a mouthful - Puschkinia scilloides var. libanotica - so you can see why we're just going to call it by its common name, Striped Squill. Even though it's quite short (5-8" tall), this award-winning bulb still makes a striking impact with its pale blue star-like flowers accentuated with deeper blue stripes. A real charmer! Fragrant, inexpensive and quite versatile, Striped Squill is great for borders, rock gardens, under trees and shrubs and even it lawns. (If they are incorporated into lawn plantings, please hold off lawn mowing for a good six weeks.) Spectacular when planted en masse. We grow this heirloom in our gardens along the edges of paths where it provides pops of brightness to lead the eye. Best of all, Striped Squill is one of those poke-the-bulbs-in-the-ground-and-walk-away plants. Easy, happy to naturalize and undemanding, Pushkinia needs no special soil, light, fertilizer or protection from critters. Recipient of the prestigious Award of Garden Merit by the RHS, this bulb was named after a Russian botanist, Count Mussim-Puschkin, who collected them from the wild. April 5-8" tall 20 bulbs per bag


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