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Muscari aucheri 'Ocean Magic'

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While it’s commonly known as Grape Hyacinth, there’s absolutely nothing common about this Muscari! A delightful variety, the flowers of M. ‘Ocean Magic’ start out deep cobalt-blue at their base, then transition to pale blue, and then even paler blue, and are finally topped with white caps evoking breaking waves upon a frothy sea. Such an unusual and interesting presentation! And if that’s not enough, they have light, sweet fragrance that adds to their allure. High on the list of simple-to-grow, durable bulbs, Muscari thrive in full sun or deciduous shade, tolerate practically any soil, and seem to live forever. They’re deer and rodent resistant, too! Inexpensive and fast to multiply, they're a perfect choice to create a carpet of soft blue beneath early daffodils or tulips. Because Muscari are so often grown en masse and their flowers are small, it's easy to miss how beautiful and intricate they are. Bring a few stems of M. ‘Ocean Magic’ indoors for a sweetly scented bouquet and admire their complex structure and glass-bead-like detail up close. April/May. Height: 8". 10 bulbs per bag


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