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Tulipa praestans 'Shogun'

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A species tulip, Tulip praestans 'Shogun' is a multi-flowering gem which blooms with three to four flowers per stem in an amazing blend of melon, pumpkin and copper-yellow with variable red striations and bluish-black stamen. Wowsa! 'Shogun' delivers a stunning show in early spring when you need it most! Plant closely together in groups for an impressive display or pair with Narcissus 'Kedron' for a spectacular color combo. Great for naturalizing. What's a species tulip, you ask? Originally from the Mediterranean, Asia Minor and the Caucasus, species tulips have not been hybridized. They offer unusual flowers in varying heights and dazzling colors. Generally more diminutive and less ornate that the Dutch hybrid tulips, species tulips are appreciated for their classic beauty and hardiness. Known to perennialize better than hybrid tulips (especially given good drainage and lots of sun) they are wonderful for rock gardens, sweet clusters and naturalized drifts. We grow them in a clump out by the road, where they've stood up to all the snow and sand and salt the last 4 winters have thrown at them. We often hear neighbors commenting on how pretty they are as they walk by. April 10-12" in height 10 bulbs per bag


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