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Lancaster Garden Club is looking for a Treasurer - Position Filled!

26 Jun 2019 9:12 AM | Stevens (Administrator)



The Treasurer manages the financial activities of the club and keeps records via ongoing, monthly and annual processes. This role is year-round and frequently interacts with other members of the board and various chairpersons.

Ongoing – As needed

  • ·         Make deposits at Worker’s Credit Union
  • ·         Write checks for speakers and reimbursements
  • ·         Pay club bills (check or electronic)
  • ·         Maintain QuickBooks with applicable transactions and account coding
  • ·         Reconcile bank statements for checking and savings accounts in QuickBooks
  • ·         Participate in board meetings and provide financial reporting/information
  • ·         Maintain files (bank statements, copies of filings, etc.)
  • ·         Maintain petty cash (*Note- QuickBooks indicates there is $50 in the petty cash account, however cash was not provided by previous Treasurer. As such, this account has not been maintained at least since 30th June 2018)

501 (c) 3 – Annual

  • ·         Submit 501 c 3 renewal to GCFM – Due 1st October
  • ·         Complete 990N e-postcard to IRS (online) – Due 15th November
  • ·         Complete/send Form PC, filing fee confirmation, and any supporting documentation to MA Attorney General’s Office – Due 15th November

*Note in Spring 2019, forms were sent to IRS and MA Attorney General’s office to fulfill missing documentation and apply for retroactive reinstatement of the club’s non-profit status. As of 4th June 2019, the IRS has not responded except by cashing the $600 user fee.

GCFM - Annual

  • ·         Pay annual insurance to GCFM – Due between 15th March and 15th April
  • ·         Pay annual dues to GCFM – Due before 1st May

Plant Sale – Annual

  • ·         Provide cash boxes and small bills for giving change
  • ·         Deposit money from plant and merchandise sales, membership fees, etc.
  • ·         Report net revenue earned to the board
  • ·         Obtain gaming permit for raffle and pay appropriate taxes to Gaming Commission, if applicable

Other recurring bills - Annual

  • ·         PO box
  • ·         Tower Hill membership for the club – Due in the Spring
  • ·         Thayer Memorial Library donation for garden passes – Due in the Spring
  • ·         Church donation for use of hall – Due in the Spring/Summer
  • ·         GoDaddy web domain (Note-2 years was paid in Spring 2019, should not be due until 2021)
  • ·         Wild Apricot website fees – Due in the Spring
  • ·         QuickBooks Online (currently paid on a monthly basis)


Lancaster Garden Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Massachusetts, P.O. Box 22, South Lancaster, Massachusetts 01561

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