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Civic Projects

Helen Curtis Garden (Corner of Narrow Lane and Main Street)

Maintained by Meghan Whitcomb

In 1990, Helen Curtis, an avid gardener and longtime resident of Lancaster, began to transform a dusty, barren plot into a thriving, beautiful garden. She felt it was her civic duty and desire to provide a picturesque addition to the Town of Lancaster. She spent many restorative hours planting and caring for flowers and trees until the age of 89.


North Village Trough

Maintained by Judy Elwell as part of the Lancaster Historical Commission's Adopt-a-marker program

Ward Park Trough (Corner of Bolton Road)

Maintained by Liz and Tom Colley as part of the Lancaster Historical Commission's Adopt-a-marker program



Sue and Ann's Triangle (Corner of George Hill and Bolton Roads)

Maintained by Sue Billings and Ann Zoller


Michaele's Triangle (Intersection of Langen and George Hill Roads)

Maintained by Michaele McGinnis

The LGC holds regularly scheduled work days throughout the spring, summer, and fall to help maintain this beautiful garden.

Other Civic Projects:

Welcome Garden (Corner of Langen Road and 117)

  • Maintained by Corinne Walker

Lancaster Community Center (Patio whiskey barrels and upper level entry garden)

  • Maintained by Jean James

Town Beach (Whiskey Barrel Planters)

  • Maintained by Jill Hennessey

Butterfly Garden (Thayer Memorial Library)

  • Maintained by Marie Espinola

Town Hall Planters

Butterfly Garden (Lancaster Community Center)


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